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The Murder Of Michael Brown Essay

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On the night of August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed an unarmed, 18 year old, Michael Brown. Officer Wilson was tried for the murder of Michael Brown by the state of Missouri’s Grand Jury and was found not guilty. Officer Wilson was not wearing a body camera. The town of Ferguson was outraged as violent riots and protests broke out because of the ruling (Buchanan). Mentioned in Larry Buchanan’s New York Times article titled “What Happened in Ferguson?” Many citizens of Ferguson and others who heard about the story across the United States argue that Officer Wilson used excessive force in the altercation and should be guilty of murder; however, the court and jury members believed differently.
If a body camera was used by the officer, the public would have had video evidence and be knowledgeable of the actual events. Body cameras should be a part of the police officer’s uniform because, it provides safety for the officer and citizens, it takes the guess work out of police reports, and it will gain the trust of the citizens.
One of the most beneficial factors of body cameras is the protection it provides to the police officers using them. From the Harvard Law Review pertaining to body cameras, “This technology[body cameras] has also been praised as likely to reveal instances of police misconduct, reform police (and civilian) behavior, and build trust between the police and the community, all of which provide strong justifications for adoption” (Considering sec. B).
By adopting body cameras, officers can do their job without having to worry about getting punished or fired for doing the right thing, even if the events take a turn for the worst, as long as the officer is taking the corr...

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...ness toward a citizen determine that citizen 's satisfaction with the police service.” He also says, “The institutionalization of in-car cameras along with a regular supervisory review process ensures professional accountability in citizen contacts” (Par. 24).
The dash camera aids in officer safety, training opportunities, and public relations. One would not be foolish to say body cameras would have the same effect as did dash cameras nearly 15 years ago. The body cameras offer a more detailed and in-depth view of the encounter between the citizen and the officer. The dash camera simply does not catch everything and the body camera would be a much needed upgrade.
A significant part of a police officer’s job is writing reports. With every call a report must be made; this includes hours of extensive writing, even after the officer has worked a 10 hour shift.

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