Essay on The Murder Of Caylee Anthony

Essay on The Murder Of Caylee Anthony

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On June 16, 2008 Caylee Anthony was last seen leaving her grandparents house with her mother, Casey. In exactly one month, Cindy Anthony, her grandmother, calls the police to report that Caylee has been missing. Casey did call the police, however, to tell them that the babysitter had kidnapped Caylee. July 16, 2008, Casey was arrested for child neglect and false information. It would be hard to indicate that a person was guilty if there was no body found to prove that. On December 11, 2008 the remains of a little girl were found and sure enough it was the body parts of Caylee Anthony. The evidence and surroundings of her death pointed at her mother, however, at the end of the case she was proved to be not guilty for the murder of her child.
Nicholas A Battaglia, a New York personal injury attorney writes an article about the murder of Caylee Anthony, “The Casey Anthony Trial and Wrongful Exonerations,” that mainly discusses the impact that media has on a certain case without fully understanding or knowing the laws. This article speaks to the public who may or may not want to see the other point of this case. Most of the media see one side of the case and make up their mind without trying to understand the other half of it. The thesis that this article creates is that social media can create the one sided viewpoint in the criminal justice system when there is a disagreement between the law and the people. The author states, “The media and litigation are so intimately intertwined, it would be impossible to separate the two at this point,” to show that they are two completely different things, however, mixed up into one that causes a misunderstanding. Within the article itself it shows that most believe in what they see on the news...

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...reader to understand the relation in both cases and how they match each other to show that anyone can be proven not guilty even though they committed a crime.
The Casey Anthony trial may be looked at by both sides since it is viewed differently from the media itself. The public can act like the “armchair jury,” but have little information on the justice system itself. The media portrays Casey Anthony as a baby killer or even worse, but she was also proven not guilty. People should not be allowed to judge a person without having the evidence to prove them otherwise, which is why there is a justice system in the first place. For the people that blame the justice system, they are wrong to do so if they do not do the proper research before making assumptions. It is easier for one to quickly jump on bandwagon than take the time to explore both sides and that’s an issue.

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