Murder At The Margin Is A Murder Mystery Involving Various Economic Concepts

Murder At The Margin Is A Murder Mystery Involving Various Economic Concepts

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Murder at the Margin is a murder mystery involving various economic concepts. The story takes place in Cinnamon Bay Plantation on the Virgin Island of St. John. It is about Professor Henry Spearman, an economist from Harvard. Spearman organizes an investigation of his own using economic laws to solve the case.
Henry Spearman is not a normal person. Whenever he meets someone new he scrutinizes them from head to toe economically; not with a moral point of view like most people. He lives with his wife Pidge. He goes on a vacation to a resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. There, retired General Hudson T. Decker is found dead due to poisoning. As the local police investigate, Henry Spearman decides that the police are inadequate with their search and he decides to take matters into his own hands. Detective Franklin Vincent is unsuccessful in his search for the suspect as he chases leads that always end up being redirected to nowhere. Another murder of a former Supreme Court Justice Foote who was hiking on a trail on the island. Henry Spearman observes everyone he meets because they may be a suspect in this case. He watches what they do, where they go, and the decisions they make. He starts with a list of possible suspects and starts taking names off one by one as they become less and less relevant to the crimes.
Henry Spearman’s investigation came to the conclusion that Dr. Doug Clark and his wife Judy Clark had committed the crime. He figured it out by looking to see who made the least rational economic decision. They picked the resort because it was often visited by General Hudson T. Decker. They said that they went to this resort over the others in the area because it was cheaper and nicer. That g...

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... this book. We have not talked about it in class yet but it is the usefulness of a product that the consumer gets. A cheap man named Fitzhugh likes to save every single cent he can get his hands on. One day he goes out and buys suntan lotion. He goes to the beach and goes in the water but leaves the bottle of suntan lotion open. Logically, since he is cheap, he would like to save as much suntan lotion as he can. Since he left the bottle open, he was not concerned with the utility of the suntan lotion. It was not an economic decision, so this ended up pointing fingers to him and his involvement in the murder. He also
So this book is very much like our class because it talks about the same economic principles that we talk about including but not limited to marginal thinking, rational/irrational decision making, the law of demand, consumer surplus and utility.

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