Essay about The Multiverse Is Never-ending

Essay about The Multiverse Is Never-ending

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Everything is connected in some way. When one universe blinks out of existence, another begins to form. When a living thing dies it’s energy or life force is released and another being, or two or three, is born. The Multiverse is a never ending cycle of constant rebirth. Each universe is connected, and once in a great while, an opening allows something to squeeze through to another universe.

“Anna? Anna! Stop daydreaming.”

Adrianna snapped out of a fog to the sound of a demanding and slightly high pitched voice. Her green eyes staring blankly at her friends nicely tanned face for a moment before she remembered they were having lunch in the park. She sighed softly while rubbing her eyes and pushing hair curly brown locks back from her pale face.

The park they were in was fairly small and quiet, it was one of the main reasons they visited this one. It had more trees and less walkways than most of the other places they had scoped out for their daily meetings, and they were usually the only two there. The larger parks were closer to work, but they were also bustling with people jogging or walking their dogs. They wanted to get away from the loud noises of the city, but knew they didn’t have time to venture out of town just for lunch. Adrianna had been ecstatic when her friend Deidre had found this quaint little spot for their luncheons.

“I’m sorry, Dee. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I guess I’ve been drifting a lot, huh? What were you saying again?” She asked, hating how her voice always sounded slightly hoarse. Her dislike of her voice always resulted in her speaking quietly, so as not to disturb others. Her friends always told her it sounded sultry, but she knew better. She had heard herself many times on the answering ...

... middle of paper ...

...Anna in some of those fancy dresses she had bought. She had even went as far as to take Adrianna’s measurements so she could have them custom made.

As they walked to the spot where they took their separate paths, Deidre gave Adrianna a quick hug and said quickly, “I’ll pick you up tonight at 7. Be sure to pack lightly, since I’ll have clothes for you to wear. I can’t wait, see you then!”

Adrianna chuckled as she said a quick goodbye and headed towards the coffee shop. Her mind drifting back to the dream she had been desperately trying to remember. It was the same dream she had every night, though she was left with nothing more than a pair of light grey eyes upon waking each morning. Eyes that were as cold and empty as their color suggested. Eyes that were burned so deeply into her memory, she was sure she would recognize them if she were ever encounter their owner.

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