Multiple Users Can Use The Services Provided By Modern Computer Systems Essay

Multiple Users Can Use The Services Provided By Modern Computer Systems Essay

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B. Clifford Neuman et al. [1] stated that multiple users can use the services provided by modern computer systems which require the user’s identity to be verified accurately. Authentication is the process of verifying user’s identity that generated some data and this process is significant for security of computer systems. In traditional systems, password based authentication was used for verification but these passwords can be intercepted by eavesdroppers when sent across computer networks. Kerberos is a strong authentication method where authentication is based on cryptography and this method is suitable for insecure environments as it hides passwords efficiently.
John Bethencourt et al. [2] stated that in most of the distributed systems, if a user had some credentials only then he was allowed to access data. This policy could be applied by deploying a trusted server in order to store the data. This was the one possible method. But this method was not so effective because CIA of whole data would be at risk if server storing the data compromised. To overcome this issue, author proposed a CP-ABE scheme to be applied on encrypted data so as to provide an access control over the data stored on the server. Now, even if the server is not trusted or is compromised, still the stored is secure. This method secures the data from collusion attacks too. In the proposed system, credentials of users are based on some attributes and decryption of data is based on some policy which is decided by the one encrypting that data while the previous systems encrypted data was based on some attributes user keys were associated with policies. Proposed method is implemented by the authors and it is somewhat similar to Role-based access control. The limit...

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...t. Some of the aspects in which cloud security is weak are transmission, access control, data storage, data verification. To address these issues, a cloud disk storage safety scheme based on Hadoop is proposed in the paper. This scheme takes help from the authorization process of Kerberos protocol. For encryption and authentication, algorithms like AES and RSA are utilized in the paper. For safe connection and storage among clients and servers, three times handshaking is described in the paper i.e First Hand shaking, second hand shaking and Third hand shaking. The encryption scheme described in the paper ensured transmission and storage security effectively and efficiently but the system described above is not sophisticated enough. So, in the future work, more sophisticated versions of the current system for encryption and authentication is planned to be implemented.

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