Multiple Sclerosis Is A Progressive Life Essay

Multiple Sclerosis Is A Progressive Life Essay

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I chose the topic Multiple Sclerosis because my friend 's Mother suffered from this disease as she got older. My friend 's Mother was unable to work because of her condition and she was always in pain. I could never see the pain in her eyes because she was a very happy person, always smiling, and had a joyful spirit. Since she was unable to work, she became a very active member in her church so she did not have to spend her days in bed. Over a short period of time, she could hardly get up the stairs without being in excruciating pain so her husband bought a ranch style house to accommodate her needs. I do not get to see my friend or his mother due to them moving from Stockbridge, Georgia to Newnan, Georgia. I believe that this disease has really touched my heart because through all the pain she manages to still live the life she wants to live. From my understanding multiple sclerosis is a progressive, life-long neurodegenerative disease and hopefully after the completion of this paper I will have a better understanding of the disease and how it works so I can be there for her so she will not have to fight this battle alone (3).
Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that lasts throughout a person 's life and affects the brain and spinal cord. There are many organs and body systems affected by multiple sclerosis. Within the nervous system, a person 's immune system begins to attack the myelin found in the body that wraps around nerve fibers to protect them, multiple sclerosis then develops (1). The nerves in the body become damaged because of the lack of myelin that surrounds the nerve fibers (1). The damage caused by the person 's immune system causes the nerves to be exposed and make it difficult for the brain to transmit signals cor...

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... system from attacking itself and drugs that help protect the nervous system. Researchers can get closer to the problem by developing more societies that are located around the globe. There should not be a focus on ending it in just the United States, but in every country across the world. Everyone must work together for the same end goal for the overall outcome of the society or alliance to become successful. The immune system plays a vital role in the progression of the disease in a person 's body because of the damage it can do to the nerves in the body. Hopefully within the next few years a scientist will make a significant discovery and find more research on stem cells that function for myelin repair to stimulate natural repair procedures or develop a drug to stop the immune system from attacking itself in the next critical milestone for American history.

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