Multiple Sclerosis : A Disease Of The Brain And Central Nervous System Essay

Multiple Sclerosis : A Disease Of The Brain And Central Nervous System Essay

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Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the brain and central nervous system that is potentially disabling. Multiple Sclerosis, commonly called MS, is a disease where the immune system attacks to protective myelin sheaths that cover the nerve fibers, which causes communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body. The disease can cause the nerves themselves to be damaged, either temporarily or, in some cases, permanently. MS is a disease that has the natural tendency to remit spontaneously. MS is an unpredictable disease that is rare and hard to treat as there is currently no cure. However, although there is no cure many of the people who are diagnosed with MS do well with no therapy as there are many medications to help with the symptoms. The majority of patients with MS are mildly affected but in some cases the patients are severely affected which can lead to many things such as loss of speech and the abilities to walk and write.
The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are variable and unpredictable as the disease impacts each person’s nerves differently. While this is true there are some symptoms are common to many people suffering from MS. Some of these are fatigue; which is the most prominent symptom as it occurs in about 80 percent of people, walking difficulties, numbness of the face, body or extremities, spasticity, weakness, vision problems, dizziness and vertigo, bladder problems, sexual problems, bowel problems, chronic pain, cognitive changes, emotional changes, and depression, which is a very common symptom. (MS Symptoms). Some of the symptoms of MS that are not as common in patients are speech problems, swallowing problems, tremor, seizures, breathing problems, itching, headaches, hearing loss, and other probl...

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...s such as The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke are working to find better ways to treat and diagnose MS. One of the most promising research areas involves naturally occurring antiviral proteins known as interferons. Beta interferon has been shown to reduce the number of exacerbations and may slow the progression of physical disability. The attacks, when they occur, are usually shorter and less severe. Along with the research into interferons, there is also research into treatments that may curtail or improve the function of the immune system against MS.
Multiple Sclerosis is a disease impacts the brain and central nervous system. MS can be a severe disease with many symptoms that make the disease hard to diagnose. Many people are diagnosed with MS and even more people will be diagnosed with it as the methods to diagnosing the disease improve.

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