Essay on Multiple Intelligences Meet Bloom 's Taxonomy

Essay on Multiple Intelligences Meet Bloom 's Taxonomy

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Part A: Introduction
Kappa Delta Pi publishes Kappa Delta Pi Record, a peer-reviewed journal, quarterly. The Summer 2002 issue included the article “Multiple Intelligences Meet Bloom’s Taxonomy” written by Kimberly C. Gray and Jan E. Waggoner. In this article, Gray and Waggoner discuss the importance of incorporating Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy into daily lessons when developing curriculum. This article first sparked my interest when I noticed that it was from Kappa Delta Pi Record as I was a member of Kappa Delta Pi while in college at Towson University. I was also interested because I have been intrigued by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences since learning about them in high school. It is fascinating to me that multiple learning styles exist in my classroom each year and that I must determine what those learning styles are so that I can ensure success for all of my students.
Part B: Summary of Content
Gray and Waggoner (2002) begin the article by discussing the challenges that come with meeting the needs of diverse learners through a single curriculum guide. Educators, both novice and veteran, find themselves spending countless hours differentiating instruction and searching for ways to make the curriculum meaningful to each student in a way that is time-efficient and practical. Gray and Waggoner (2002) suggest that educators can minimize the time that is takes to differentiate instruction by presenting the curriculum through Howard Gardner’s concept of Multiple Intelligences. This concept states that knowledge is not exhibited in one way, but in multiple ways that include Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Musical/Rhythmic, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Naturalistic, Interpers...

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...courage students to create a deeper understanding of the key questions within the curriculum so that it can be transferable from one subject to another.
When implementing curriculum, educators may feel that it is overwhelming and impossible to incorporate all of the multiple intelligences and higher-order thinking skills into a daily lesson. However, Moran, Kornhaber, and Gardner (Course Notebook, 2015, Resources for Topic 3, p.11-12) explain how this can be applied in a practical way. The concept of Multiple Intelligences does not require educators to develop an activity that will meet the needs of each learning style. Instead, educators can create collaborative activities that will reach students with different learning styles. As a result of the collaboration, the students can use their own strengths along with the strengths of those that they are working with.

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