Multiple Forms Of Assessment Must Be Taken Into Account Within The Classroom And On A State Level

Multiple Forms Of Assessment Must Be Taken Into Account Within The Classroom And On A State Level

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Multiple forms of assessment must be taken into account in the classroom and on a state level. They heavy preoccupation with reading and math readiness skills and abilities in early years of schooling is causing a shift away from focusing on emotional development and other cognitive needs. Standardized measures of determine a students’ readiness to pass on to the next grade is often detrimental and causes tracking to easily occur. Instead of normed, standardized tests being the only measurement tool for decision-making, authentic assessments (such as student exhibitions, products, portfolios, performance tasks, etc.) is preferable. We must use multiple indicators of academic performance and progress, as encouraged in Emporia State’s masters course on assessments. We must triangulate data to make the best decisions regarding student progress and needs. As teachers begin to use authentic assessments, rubrics must be created. Rubrics can be used as an assessment instrument, as they call for goals and outcomes to be transparent to both the teacher and the student. Because authentic assessments help students analyze what they’ve learned and then apply it in meaningful, relevant ways, students from diverse backgrounds are more likely engage in the process. Furthermore, this approach of assessments truly captures the constructivist nature of learning as previously mentioned.
Promotion of soft skills and “social capital” will enhance the whole-child and learning experiences for all. Recently, the Kansas Department of Education released a statement that soft skills are just as important as academics in the classroom. Academic success does not depend solely on one’s ability to perform rote recitations of information. In fact, as...

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...eliefs – especially, those central to one’s belief system – are highly resistant to change. If we ever hope to change and enhance our practices, we must address our belief system. In addition to our belief systems, we must look at how we are instructing our diverse students. The text from Emporia State’s masters course on Multicultural Education discussed that special education emerged in the context of social reform, inspired by the belief in natural rights, and individual worth, and the conviction that, through education, every person can contribute to society. This also showcases the well meaning behind students of other diverse backgrounds and needs. If we can meet students where they are, deliver purposefully differentiated instruction, in a caring and engaged environment, all students will grow and become academically, emotionally, and socially successful.

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