Essay on Multiple Cause of Suicide

Essay on Multiple Cause of Suicide

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Suicide cases have shown that there are several causes of suicide. Suicide ranks 8th in causes of deaths in the United States (Smith). Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Depression and drugs are two large risk factors connected with suicide. Cases of suicide reveal many warning signs and risk factors, show strong connections with drugs and depression, and can have devastating impacts on families.
There are many warning signs and risk factors associated with suicide. Warning signs are clues showing that someone is considering suicide. If someone is talking or thinking about death all the time, it can show possible suicidal behavior. Someone who is considering suicide may also call or visit people to say goodbye and even revise their will. Having mood swings or changes, or saying “I want out” are also warning signs. Keeping any weapons or guns is a warning sign shown in suicide cases. Some risk factors connected with suicide cases could be any chronic pain or chronic illness are shown as a couple of factors also. Being in prison is shown as a factor of risk in suicidal results and cases. Being around other suicidal people who have the same thoughts or might encourage the behavior is a risk. 20-50% of committed suicides have tried to commit before, therefore previous suicide attempts are also a significant risk factor (Smith). Often times if a person is contemplating suicide, warning signs and risk factors will be shown.
Multiple cases of suicide have been linked to some type of depression or psychological disorder. One out of every six suffers from a mood disorder or depression. When someone has untreated or incompletely treated depression, suicide is often the outcome. People with schi...

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...he third leading cause of death among people aged 15-24 years” (Andrew). 2-6% of children will try to kill themselves. Statistics and results of suicide have shown the effect of suicide on the people in the world today.
Cases of suicide reveal many warning signs and risk factors, show strong connections with drugs and depression, and can have devastating impacts on families. Suicide affects many people such as friends and relatives on the inside and outside. The person could have meant a lot to them, and they will seem lost when they are gone. Because suicide has had a high impact on the world, it is involved in many peoples lives. The teens who commit suicide will leave their parents at a disbelief. People can be reliant on those who commit at a later age. Suicide has left the world wondering why so many people have the feeling of want or need to do it.

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