Multinational Oil And Gas Company Essay

Multinational Oil And Gas Company Essay

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ExxonMobil is a multinational oil and gas company with its headquarters offices in Irving, Texas. It was formed in 1999 through a definitive agreement between Exxon Corporation and Mobil Oil Corporation to merge and create a new company. In essence, the corporation produces, distributes and sells oil and natural gas across the world. The structure and culture help it survive the price burst which often occurs in the global oil market. Notably, among its largest competitors, ExxonMobil generates high revenue and produces large volumes of oil for every penny it spends. Besides, the company publicizes the highest price of natural gas and oil, both in absolute terms and for every employee it hires. Significantly, even in good years, the top managers are required to ensure a reduction of costs out of business, and make more sales from the company’s expensive oil projects. Today, the Corporation is the fifth largest publicly traded firm by market capitalization and also the eighth largest company by sales. The company 's market products across the globe are introduced under the brands of Esso, Exxon, and Mobil.
Active Reserves and Global Presence
ExxonMobil has reported robust and largest reserves compared to its competitors in the oil and natural gas industry. Furthermore, the company 's global position is high (Schultz & Williamson, 2005). For example, currently, it has over 35000 service stations across the globe and operates about 35 refineries across 21 countries.
Vertical Integration
One of the ExxonMobil 's advantages is that it works in the entire operation of oil development from production, resource exploration, refining, and manufacturing of byproduct. The company has a vertical integrat...

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...d ensure that all the legal uncertainties are eradicated to steer growth and expansion of the business. Besides, litigation and control of all the risks involved should remain an approach to achieve sustainability and increase the market opportunities globally.
ExxonMobil is an international institution whose performance is influenced by various internal and external aspects. From the study done, it is clear that the company has important strengths which enhance its existence in the competitive market. Moreover, the institution’s main center of gravity is exploration and extraction of oil products and maintaining the environment within which it works. By establishing major projects, the company has enhanced its market and profits globally. Additionally, the recommendations are critical in eradicating a decrease of brand image and the downstream of margins.

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