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Multimedia Learning Objects Essay example

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With the advances in online and mobile technologies that have come about in the last decade, the contexts in which we teach and the way students learn have become more diverse. Classes can be taught completely online, face-to-face in the traditional format, or a blended mix of the two. Learning has become less about memorizing information. It has become more about knowing how to use, evaluate, and interact with information in our daily lives. Students have come to expect, and benefit from, a mix of learning content in their lessons: text, graphics, video, audio and interactivity. The inclusion of multimedia learning objects in online or blended course design often enhances how students process information by appealing to the multiple ways students learn and giving them opportunities to test or practice their understanding of content.
What is a Learning Object?

Essentially, a learning object is a tool that instructors can use to teach a particular topic and address a specific learning objective. A learning object can be considered to be a single, self-contained tool, but can be composed of multiple resources, such as Web-based documents, practice exercises, and assessments. A few good examples of learning objects are narrated PowerPoint presentations, videos, animations, interactive simulations, case studies, executable programs, and other Web-based media.

Making your own multimedia learning objects can often be time consuming or expensive, but fear not. There are several high-quality Web-based resources instructors can take advantage of to find engaging, interactive learning objects to include in their courses. For example, instructors can search California State’s Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Te...

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...l be simply typing questions and answers.

When you have built a game, it will appear in your Games List on the “Manage My Games” page. Here, you will see options to edit, publish, unpublish, and delete the game. Games that are published can be shared with your students in your courses. The title of each game in your Games List is a link that can be used to open the game or share the URL Web address of the game with others.
How Do I Include a Learning Object in My Blackboard Course?

Including a WISC-Online learning object or game in your Blackboard course is as easy as sharing a link with students. Each WISC-Online learning object and game you create has its own unique URL Web address. First, go to WISC-Online and open the learning object or game in your browser. Then, use your mouse to copy the URL Web address that appears in your browser’s address bar.

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