Essay Multilateral Intervention within ASEAN

Essay Multilateral Intervention within ASEAN

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The admission of Burma into ASEAN and the reluctance of ASEAN to resolve Burma’s ongoing political turmoil (the most recent, 2010 elections) have sparked off much debate and controversy among the member states as well as the international community. This is because ASEAN upheavals the non-interference principle in managing its inter-relations, indicating lack of credibility, importance and unity. Therefore, this policy memo will suggest some short and long term strategies that will re-orientate political and economic change in Burma in accordance to ASEAN’s interest.

Firstly, the reputation of ASEAN is closely linked to the measures that should be taken to resolve Burma’s current political turmoil. ASEAN has been criticized for the principles of the “ASEAN way” which is based on consultation; consensus and non-interference. These have always served as alternative ways to avoid confrontation and assuaging tensions for short term. However, these measures of conflict management within ASEAN are hindrances to conflict resolution. Secondly, ASEAN’s relations with other countries, especially European Union (EU), Japan and the United States (US) are at frictional state. This is because these countries are ASEAN’s major trading partners and investors, contributing to almost 31.4% to ASEAN’s economy. For instance, the US and within EU, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark have criticized about the role of ASEAN in the Burma’s 2010 elections. It is essential to take measures to address this issue because these EU countries may maintain their hard-line positions which can further jeopardize the various co-operations (economic, cultural, social) between ASEAN and the stated countries. Thirdly, there has been a g...

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...ion. Thus, ASEAN should be given more executive power and greater mandate to harmonize the differences within ASEAN so that stability and peace can be preserved in the region.

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