Multihop Communication Essay

Multihop Communication Essay

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Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 show energy per packet consumed as we increase the number of hops for both radiating and electronic parts respectively. These results were obtained using our derived numerical model.
Fig. 3 shows numerical and simulation results obtained for average energy (radiating and electronic) per packet consumed as we increase the number of hops.
The percentage of energy storage spent by each individual node as we increase the number hops is shown in Fig. 4. The x-axis label shows each individual node, where SNK, S and R denote sink node, source node and relaying node respectively.
Our findings confirm that using TPC short-range multihop instead of single hop does not prolong nodes' lifespan (Fig. [fig:Multihop-average-energy] and Fig. [fig:Percentage-of-energy]). We used our well controlled environment for testing, derived numerical model and simulation results to support these findings. Prior work raised the benefit of using multihop instead of single hop suggesting that nodes in multihop can share the load, i.e. energy consumed sending information will be shared among...

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