Multiculturalism: Need or Menace? Essay

Multiculturalism: Need or Menace? Essay

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Migration is the first reason of multiculturalism. Because of many migrations it is impossible to mention monocultural civilizations nowadays. It is indicated that we can only talk about monoculturalist countries if they are introverted or being stay away from technology and science. In short, the countries which are the enforcer of oppressive regime it is impossible to talk about multicultiralist system. However, in the repressive countries multiculturalism is inevitable. It is not possible to keep away people from the world no matter how their goverment tries to prevent multiculturalism as a example of Iran. Even at the ancient Rome people used to live with the different cultures. Both economic and political order let people live in prosperity. They were show consideration eachother. In every country in the world has a variety of people, thus in these countries we can observe different cultures and religions. People who live far from thier hometown have to know their responsibilities because they are the representative of their ancestries.
According to Edward W.Younkins “the main idea of multiculturalism is the equal value of all cultures”. However, it is not depend on ethnic, racial, or sexual matters. Differences have to be ensured equality, justice and peace which are necessities of societies. Societies hosting many cultures have to show respect eachother, justice has to be apply all people equally in the sense that collectivism has emerged. Russians in Ukraine, Kurds or homosexuals in Turkey, immigrant workers in Germany must show respect eachother. Respest is essential not only for equality but also to protect their own values and traditions. Canada is the best example of multicultural...

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...e a menace of our century unless people show no respect eacother or every cultures want their sovereignties.


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