Multiculturalism Is Not As Negatively Impacting Canadian Society Essay

Multiculturalism Is Not As Negatively Impacting Canadian Society Essay

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When it comes to multiculturalism the first country that we tend to associate with this term is Canada. As the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy, Canada “affirmed the value and dignity of all Canadian citizens regardless of their racial or ethnic origins, their language, or their religious affiliation” (Citizen and Immigration Canada 2012) . Canada has spoken of multiculturalism countless times to the point of reinforcing its values and beliefs regarding multiculturalism as well as having experience with managing its population and problems. However, despite Canada’s direction towards multiculturalism, there are underlying problems that are easily looked over and dismissed under the façade of multiculturalism. In this essay, I will be arguing that multiculturalism in Canada is not as negatively impacting Canadian society, as many critics external to Canadian practices and values say that multiculturalism is, than it seems and that the situation in Canada is in better shape than expected.
Before we continue to look at the underlying problems with multiculturalism, the needs for change with its policies, and how its citizens view multiculturalism, we will go over the general understanding of what multiculturalism is and Canada’s situation.
Multiculturalism is a term that we are all familiar with and when brought up, it is common to most people’s knowledge that it includes a diverse group of different cultures. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (2013) defines multiculturalism as “the co-existence of diverse cultures, where cultures includes racial, religious, or cultural groups and is manifested in customary behaviours, cultural assumptions and values, pat...

... middle of paper ... and Kymlicka 2010:46). In Banting and Kymlicka’s (2010) study, they have found that in the European debate that multiculturalism has promoted negative attitudes towards cultures such as: social isolation, stereotyping, discrimination, illiberal practices, and political radicalism (Banting and Kymlicka 2010; Wong 2008). In addition to listing what problems multiculturalism has perpetuated, the authors found that critics fear that Canada is heading towards the same path (Banting and Kymlicka 2010). However, Canada’s problems are not to Europe’s extent where everything is falling apart, but that does not mean Canada have no problems in a multicultural context. In fact, Canada has issues in regards to religious diversity, relationship between multiculturalism and French-Canadians and Aboriginal people, as well as racism and discrimination (Banting and Kymlicka 2010).

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