Multiculturalism Is Necessary For A Nation Essay

Multiculturalism Is Necessary For A Nation Essay

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Canada has been ranked one of the most multicultural countries in the world (CBC, 2015). Thus, on a world stage Canada has a reputation that is often characterized as ‘one to aspire to,’ as multiculturalism has become a defining aspect of Canadian culture, essentially portraying Canada as a so-called ‘post racial society.’ Multiculturalism refers to the existence, acceptance and promotion of various cultural traditions. Thus, what is the need for anti-racist education in a nation that accepts and promotes different cultures? Even within the discourse surrounding multiculturalism, race relations in Canada still continue to gain social currency, and race continues to be a marker for the unequal distribution of power, privilege, social prestige, rewards, penalties and punishment (Adjei & Gill, 2012). Therefore, I will be critiquing the presence and purpose of multiculturalism, through the principles of anti racism education, by addressing the question of why multiculturalism is necessary in a nation that still expects everyone to assimilate to the dominant narratives that surround Eurocentric definitions of acceptability and respectability. This paper will begin by situating myself in the discussion; next it will address the medium in which multiculturalism was introduced to Canada. Then, it will question the purpose multiculturalism serves. Next, it will address what multiculturalism means for aboriginality and finally it will address how multiculturalism can be mobilized in a decolonization project.
The space in which I enter this conversation is as, a South Asian, specifically Sri-Lankan, cis-gendered, heterosexual, diasporic, female, immigrant. From the time I moved to Canada at the age of 5, I have been bombarded with the ide...

... middle of paper ...

...finition of said terms require individuals to assimilate or not? In what ways does multiculturalism play into the ‘white gaze’ and how will reclamation of multiculturalism change that? Who would rewrite these terms and definitions and how would that effect change? How will this change the Canadian sense of normalcy and societal interactions?
In conclusion, it is clear that multiculturalism is used as a façade to hide a colonial agenda of assimilation without any backlash within the discourses surrounding racism and inequity. Thus, it is necessary in Canada, in order for dominant bodies to keep a monopoly over the power, hence, a continuation of ‘othering’ individuals and acclimatization into Eurocentric definitions of acceptability and respectability, while still preserving Canada’s reputation/performance of inclusion and acceptance of difference on a global stage.

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