Essay on Multiculturalism in the United Kingdom

Essay on Multiculturalism in the United Kingdom

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Multiculturalism has been a subject of concern in the United Kingdom in past few years since it has become a very cosmopolitan country. There are lots of different opinions about this from different people like politicians, journalists, professors specialized in the subject and even artists. And these opinions are expressed through different media like speeches, articles and movies. In this essay it will be analyzed how multiculturalism applies in the movie East is East, what are the problems that arise in this movie and how they can be solved, going through a deep analysis of causes of the conflicts raised applying opinions from critics like Pnina Werbner and Sara Ahmed. In addition, the view, problems and solution about multiculturalism from the Prime Minister David Cameron will be explained and the counter critics. Multiculturalism is an intricate subject, but I believe is should be about having one identity that everyone shares and about tackling racism.
In the movie East is East, Zaheed, a Pakistan immigrant in the UK, tries to force his kids to become good Muslims in spite of their happiness. Racism and Islamophobia are clearly some of the factors that lead Zaheed to behave in this way. When he first arrived to the UK he was very open-minded and ready to accept this new culture in the country he was moving to. He adopted an English name (George) and married an English woman, which according to Pakistan country laws it is prohibited. A Pakistan that is Muslim can only marry a woman who is Muslim as well. So, Zaheed, or George, left his identity behind to become involved in the British culture. Yet, he was not ready to being rejected. His open-mindedness included the belief that this new community would instantly accept him. B...

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...nd that it is also a subject of cultural conflicts.

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