Multiculturalism : Immigration And Immigration Policy Essay examples

Multiculturalism : Immigration And Immigration Policy Essay examples

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Overall, Canadians are supportive of immigration and immigration policy in general – such as multiculturalism --, and that support has not declined over the past years; it actually seems to have risen slightly. The statistical data from the lecture reinforces this statement: whether immigration should either remain same or increase Quebec 73% and Rest of Canada 64% (Lecture 5).

This wide level of advocate for immigration and immigration policies comes with larger part of support for a particular level of integration. Nevertheless, it is hard to specify precisely what respondents imply by integration due to the essence of the inquiries asked in prevailing public opinion surveys. Most possibly, respondents expressing positive opinion for immigration have quite different perspectives of what the integration imply; the outcome is that there is a good level of variance in viewpoint amongst those within the – integration group on any one inquiry. Polls today do not supply much leverage on what the proper balance is, in the opinion of the average Canadian, between integration and diversity.

Based upon the study of Canadian attitudes towards immigration and multiculturalism by Stuart Soroka and Sarah Roberton, an absence of specificity also prevails in inquiries on multiculturalism and minority rights. Once more, we only have a rough sense on what respondents’ thoughts are on these issues. On these terms, along with integration, future study may contemplate methods to better apprehend attitudes using particular examples of integration, or diversity, or tolerance, and others.

Additionally, prevailing data also go only so far in apprehending degrees of discrimination, or viewpoint on certain ethnic groups. Soroka and Roberton observ...

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...cessful in Canadian society is described either in terms of intrinsic cultural or ethnic differences with the presiding community or in terms of the absence of motivation or drive to thrive.

Last is Multiculturalism. This comprises of the ideology that acceptance and harmony can be attained through incorporating diversity into civilization in whole and particularly into institutions. It is hypothesized on the idea that the idiosyncrasies or peculiarity of others must be accepted and tolerated but that the presiding ways of doing things are fundamentally superior. This is a formation of democratic racism because assertion of the need for acceptance and peace tend to hide the disorderly and messy affair of systematic, structural, and institutional inequality and the unfair relationship of power and control that remains to persist in a democratic liberal civilization.

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