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Multiculturalism : A Diverse Nation Essays

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A Diverse Nation
The world is filled with lots of different cultures, whether we like it or not. Experience with different cultures within the United States helps us deal with different cultures outside the U.S. The tolerance for a wide range of religious belief systems had drawn more people to this nation and has avoided forcing people into exile. In the United States, the issue of multiculturalism has been largely ignored (Source C). For the future of this society, it is extremely important to incorporate multiculturalism into our curriculum from elementary school to highschool. Multiculturalism is not only the job of educators in a school environment, but also at home.
We live in what is known as the United States, that being we have several states connected within America. Many different ethnicities, race, and cultures cover this land that we live on, and if we can accept diversity, then will come unity. Many immigrate to the U.S to escape past or future persecution based on race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion, to escape poverty, to offer more opportunities to children, and also for educational purposes. Most come knowing few English, so they are taught. We welcome them into the U.S., or at least say we welcome them.We are almost seen as a country with open arms.
Admittedly, the U.S has been a bit oblivious to multiculturalism. Yes, some take action, but it takes one with a voice and strong meaningful words to fuel the fire. This subject can get quite personal. UC Berkeley had a bake sale that introduced a price structure based on race and gender analogous to the new law. (source D) The event and following controversy exposed an underlying truth about diversity a...

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...r equal humanity difficult. It emphasizes how we are different rather than how we are similar.” If assisted and provided diverse teaching, more will be familiar with worldwide backgrounds.When having knowledge on other’s cultural backgrounds, it will provide a source of better understanding of not just one’s story but their behavior as well. So instead of jumping to conclusions or prejudging a person of different aestheticism, we will then have more of an open mind towards this topic.
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