Multicultural Perspectives Of A Multicultural Perspective Essay

Multicultural Perspectives Of A Multicultural Perspective Essay

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Multicultural Perspectives
The new change of order in meeting the needs of individuals, families, and communities with a multicultural perspective. The growing number of immigrants, birthrate demographics, and the civil rights movement of 1950s have changed the perspective of the medical field, human services, and other professions within the helping field. Job opportunities and managements of various services are no longer based the demographic of white male or white middle class families, but based on the diversity within cultures. In the past decades, the number of immigrants that have entered into the United States has risen to an unprecedented number. More importantly, it has increased the birthrate of Hispanic and Asian Americans population. For those in the helping professions, “a major implication of these new demographics is a profoundly different client base. Therefore, providers are in demand to serve clients from diverse ethnic background” (Dillar, 2015).
With this said, the need for cultural competence is greatly imperative. Professional must meet the needs of their client and employees, by understanding the specific cultural, language, social and economic distinctions of particular people and families more than ever. Reflecting to the history of civil rights movement in 1950s, where African Americans, women, gays and lesbians, people with disabilities and other minority groups alerted the country to their distinct identities and long histories of oppression was the beginning of a new order of cultural competence.
Today in the Human Service profession, there is a collective understanding and ethical decision by the ACA, NSAW, practitioners and others to seek training with the direct purpose of working with specific ...

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...linguistic needs of their clients. It also eliminate prejudgments, biases, miscommunication, racial / ethnic health disparities, and lack of treatments that would affect clients’ lives.

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