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Multicultural Literature Should Play A Role Essay example

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Multicultural literature should play a significant role in a classroom, because it allows for students to see ideas and thoughts from a different perspective other than their own. Students will hopefully have learned some key attributes when it comes to what they world is like, and what different cultures are, but they learn it from, their families, and however it is portrayed in the media. These perspectives however, can be skewed and biased based on what the family and the media believes. Using multicultural literature in the classroom will open up not only a look into the information and ideas of a culture, but also the ideas and practices they perform, and what they believe in.
Throughout the process of putting this all together, we have learned a lot of interesting facts and information about our author Joseph Bruchac, the Native American culture, and multicultural literature. Joseph Bruchac writes in many different styles; poems, non-fiction, fiction, and songs and is successful in each. He is apart of the Abenaki tribe, but has first-hand knowledge and experience with other tribes such as the Cherokee and the Lakota, in which some of his finest works are written about. Through his stories, non-fiction, fiction, and folktales we learned that Native American culture has a strong belief in community and family before yourself. In (one of the books I’ll have to look at it Monday) we learned that these stories from different cultures, were a form of “punishment” but in the most positive way possible, instead of actually being punished to learn a lesson, stories such as “Raccoon’s Last Race” have such strong moral values that they would be read, or heard to learn a personal lesson.
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...icans and Europeans relations with a story from the Native American side, would not only open up the students to a different perspective, but also teach them about another culture and group of people that mainly get left out of the picture. We as future educators find it highly important and very valuable to introduce multicultural literature both fictional and nonfiction to students as early and often because “multicultural literature creates a community within the classroom… where not only are differences tolerated but embraced.” (Boles, 2006). With future classrooms probably going to be diverse more than ever in any situation urban, rural, etc. multicultural literature is becoming not just a want, but a need to have in any classroom to allow for students to feel comfortable, accepted, and believe that they are an important part of the classroom and the community.

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