Multicultural Is A Part Of Australian Identity Essay

Multicultural Is A Part Of Australian Identity Essay

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When migrating to another country becomes more and more popular and common, living and communicating with someone who has a different culture background naturally becomes more important. Australia, one of the most successful country in multicultural society, has many factors which made the country successful in maintaining a harmonic society. Three of these factors are policy, education, and the high level of acceptance between culture differences (Bastian, 2012, p. 67; Ozdowski, 2012; Bouma, 2015).

Factor 1
Obtaining multicultural as a part of the identity of the country has successfully made Australia a multicultural society. One of the examples to demonstrate multicultural is a part of Australian identity is the cancellation of the ‘British and White president’ policy (Bouma, 2015). According to Ozdowski (2012), the ‘White Australian’ policy had split people in to two different groups, which created an unbalance scale in these two groups. After the cancellation of the “British and White president” policy, every Australian shares the same right to live. This also symbolized the government had officially removed the obstacle of culture, races, religions, ethnicity, language, and gender (Ozdowski, 2012; Bouma, 2015). Moreover, the government had carefully drawn a limit for it as under the limit, people can still present and exchange the culture differences together peacefully (Bouma, 2015). This all made an effort in making a better multicultural society.

Factor 2
Education has also made a great impact on making a successful multicultural Australia. Under a very supportive environment, students in high school managed to understand the meaning of being an Australian, which is an important part in building a ha...

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It was never easy to make such a successful multicultural society, no exceptions to Australia too. Three major factors made the society so successful are policy, education, and a relatively high acceptance on the differences between different culture backgrounds to leave together. Schools provided a very supporting environment to students to learn and understand the meaning of multiculturalism and the meaning of being an Australia (Bastian, 2012, p. 67). Government had also created a barrier-free environment by cancelling the ‘British and white president’ policy, and showed that multicultural is a core part of the identity of the country (Ozdowski, 2012; Bouma, 2015). The public and businesses has also demonstrate their very high acceptance towards people from different culture background. These all made a great effort to the successful multicultural society.

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