Multicultural Education : Multicultural Curriculum Essay

Multicultural Education : Multicultural Curriculum Essay

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Multicultural Education Reflection
Multicultural Education
According to Bennett (2015), “Multicultural Education is a complex approach to teaching and learning that includes the movement toward equity in schools and classrooms, the transformation of the curriculum, the process of becoming multicultural competent, and the commitment to address societal injustice” (p. 2). Teaching and learning in a multicultural system is designed around collaborative decision making, respect for all parties, and nurturing a cultural diverse society. Multicultural education recognizes and integrates cultural characteristics into the learning environment.
Multicultural Education Dimensions
Bennett (2015), advocates that the appropriate application of multicultural education teaching includes the four-dimensions of: curriculum reform, equity pedagogy, multicultural competence, and social justice. First, curriculum reform in a multicultural education environment includes the transformation of curriculum to embrace the cultural differences, history, and influences of ethnic groups. Secondly, the intention of equitable pedagogy is for the teacher to construct a classroom culture that nurtures student achievement with consideration of their cultural heritage through objective and equal educational opportunities. Third, multicultural competence enlists teachers that have cultivated the aptitude to engage and inspire students, families, and populations that are ethnically diverse. Finally, dimension four of a multicultural education teaching process promotes social justice instruction that connects the cultural differences and embraces the similarities of all ethnic groups.

Traditional versus Multicultural Education Classroom
According to B...

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...rd that she received her High School Equivalency Diploma.
Multicultural Education Impact
My student’s failure is directly related to my lack of knowledge and understanding of her culture. Instead of focusing on her goals, I focused solely on the content of reading, writing, etc. While these skills are vital for the successful completion of high school, my focus may have been best served my student by greater understanding of what the expectations of her culture placed on her. If placed in this situation today, I would have reach out to resources that I now know are available for her. Additionally, I would focus on a lifelong trade that interested her; culinary arts. While, this was an interesting task at the time I regret not doing more for this student and not striving to connect our curriculum with her heritage. Perhaps, she may have shown up more to class.

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