Multicultural Education : Is It Necessary For The Academic Success For Students?

Multicultural Education : Is It Necessary For The Academic Success For Students?

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Multicultural Education
Over the past several weeks, I have researched, read, and learned many new things regarding the topic of multicultural education. I have learned that all children should be taught to treat others with dignity and respect not matter what their culture, race, or family structure. I have also learned how important it is for teachers to explore multicultural education on a daily bases because it is necessary for the academic success for students how originate from different backgrounds.
An Explanation of Common Ideas
Based on my research, I have learned that students no matter age, races, class, cultural, gender, and developmental needs, have the same rights to a good education that embraces diversity while teaching them to be unbiased to others. While teaching students we as educators must provide them with an opportunity that engages in all curriculum areas, while strengthening the student’s ability to respect and understand that all human are different in some way or another. Loren Marulis, author of Anti-biased teaching to address cultural diversity states that, “Multicultural teaching is incorporating multiple perspectives and having no absolute truths” (Marulis, 2000). Now what I found with Francis Wardle, author of Diversity in Early childhood Programs states that, “A continuous approach to working with children, parents, families, and colleagues everyday” (Wardle, 2008). With that being said using this type of teaching philosophy into everyday life, children will grow and develop the right perspective of acceptance for all humans that walks this earth.
What I have Learned from Researching
Upon further research, I learned that educators cannot use curriculum that is culturally blind because this will...

... middle of paper ...

...dynamics of differences, continuous expansion of cultural knowledge and resources, and a variety of adaptations to service models in order to better meet the needs of minority populations” (Curenton & Iruka, 2013).
For my conclusion, the field of early childhood education has been a strong subject for further study in respect to multicultural education. Multicultural education is very important in the early childhood education field because children’s attitudes toward race and ethnicities begin at a very early age, which seems to be influence by one’s opinion and attitude of their caregivers. We have to make sure that our multicultural education focus on and supports the practices that encourage equality, tolerance, respect, acceptance, and empathy for cultural diversity while extinguishing unwanted stereotypes that happens whether we want them to or not.

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