Essay on Multicultural Competency

Essay on Multicultural Competency

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Ethical and Multicultural Self-Assessment
Importance of ethical and multicultural competency to the practice of professional psychology is to “know thy cultural self” is the recommended motto for trainees with regard to two developmental tasks: self-exploration about one's own cultural heritage and understanding and valuing the differences of others” (Roysircar, 2004). Roysircar (2004) said that being able to embrace diversity into your approach to assessment and discretion is an essential part of the process of treatment and its outcomes.
Cultural Awareness
Moreover, Roysircar (2004) stated that when a counselor is accomplished he or she is aware of attitudes, and beliefs. This empathy sees client’s attitudes and beliefs from a unique perspective. It is by learning from others that are diverse trainees learning most about civilization (Roysicar, 2004). Therapists must look within to assess their ability to work with clients from different backgrounds (Roysircar, 2004). Roysircar (2004) believed that negative and positive biases are discovered in introspect.
Thus, values can be difficult to discover in science since opinion is just that, supposition. A person can explain better than a book about what it is like to within a culture, or live in a certain neighborhood (Roysircar, 2004). Enquiring is better than reading about a civilization from a book. Introspection about prejudice is to understand bias and consider how to reduce them (Roysircar, 2004). It is daunting to meet someone for the first time. Attending and studying behaviors are useful devices to connect with clients from diverse cultures.
Therefore, being exposed to unique ways of thinking is essential. It is good to know how to classify experienc...

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...ultural environments.
In ending, similarities, and willingness to embrace diversity is essential in multicultural counseling. Empathy and listening are also essential to the individual’s unique situation. It is because every person has their unique story to tell from a special perspective.

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