Essay on The Multi Year Capital Plan

Essay on The Multi Year Capital Plan

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Alpha University hopes to foster a learning environment, which not only promotes scholarly excellence, but also includes facilities and infrastructure such as modern classrooms and creative teaching practices, and innovative information technology. Additionally, as our community plans for the future through short-term and long-term goals, our university should adhere from limiting goal setting to only the current critical priorities for capital projects and instead, continuously seek ways to strengthen the university’s foundation.
The Approach
Within the key capital planning documents and reports at the university, the Multi-Year Capital Plan will serve as a strategic document that outlines the approach of managing capital resources over the planning cycle (appendix 1). This document will remain as a four-year plan, and will be modified and reviewed annually to make necessarily adjustments. This plan will also align with Alpha University’s academic priorities with capital planning and management. The Multi-Year Capital Plan strives to highlight and prioritize major capital projects or programs that are emerging or underway. This plan will propose and encompass all the dimensions of capital planning of the university such as physical assets (buildings, infrastructure, maintenance and renewal etc.); however, the following concerns must be addressed with the highest priority before any other recommendations can be considered: “any increase in tuition and fees must result in a proportional increase in the student financial aid budget; the faculty and staff are expecting at least a 3.5% salary increment for the next
fiscal year” (Barr & McClellan, 2011, para. 3). Additionally, while the university budget committee has received budget i...

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...0,000, the university should keep in mind this renewal would be an investment to the community, as it would pay for itself in five years (Barr & McClellan, 2011).
In conclusion, while Alpha University has experienced unprecedented capital investment in recent years, there remains a need to continue to further develop and improve capital projects that address academic and research program growth and change. In other words, there is room to grow and address deficiencies within our university -
the community must continue to renew and enhance buildings), utility and technology infrastructure required to support campus buildings (Daigneau, 2003). However, while recognizing that further capital investments are required to support our institution’s priorities, our community must place a greater emphasis on renewing and maintaining our existing campus and infrastructure.

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