Multi Participatory Action Oriented Research Essay

Multi Participatory Action Oriented Research Essay

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The narratives explored in this paper are drawn from a larger, ongoing three-year, international participatory action-oriented research and partnership project entitled Pedagogies of Repair and Reconciliation (Tikkun): The Embodied Praxis of Youth Civic Engagement. The project represents an international multi-sector, action-oriented research study that aims to explore, facilitate, and promote youth-led civic engagement. The research project is currently being conducted in five sites across three countries: Canada, Kosovo, and South Africa. The project is guided by the notion of Tikkun Olam, an ancient Jewish concept meaning "repairing the world" through acts that promote social justice and collective responsibility in addressing injustice (Rosenthal, 2005; Sacks, 2005). Our project utilizes tikkun as a universal concept that embraces all of humanity regardless of religious affiliation. The insights reported in this paper are based on research conducted at one of our sites, specifically the City of Windsor, Ontario. We seek to use these insights to inform youth-led action projects aimed at addressing community needs and repairing social injustices. The youth researchers across the five sites are actively involved in all aspects of the study, using technology to exchange ideas and share their local issues. We now turn to a brief discussion of the Windsor site, with a succint description of participatory research methodology utilized by the Tikkun Project.

Site of Study
Windsor, located in southwestern Ontario, is often characterized as a blue-collar auto-manufacturing border town in Canada (George & Ku, 2012) situated just across the Detroit river. In recent years, the city has become characterized as an economically struggling ...

... middle of paper ...

...discussion about the overall research process. The research team took detailed notes of these discusions, which were in turn used to develop preliminary analytical frames to guide the coding of interview transcripts. Third, youth researchers transcribed each of their interviews. The team analyzed these transcripts and the insights generated were then compared to the themes produced in previous focused discussions. This process allowed us to develop a list of preliminary findings. Following an adapted version of Frisina’s (2006) “back-talk” focus group technique, youth researchers commented on the preliminary conclusions and insights. We utilized this discussion session as an opportunity to further explore the youth researchers’ own experiences of civic engagement, thereby adding additional detail, depth, and richness to both our data collection process and findings.

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