Essay about Multi Level Situation Is Not A New Idea

Essay about Multi Level Situation Is Not A New Idea

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In the context of simple situations, then simple solutions would work. But in the cases of complex, multi-level situations, how can a group explore outcomes and choose the best decision? In reality, the amount of outcomes stemming from a single decision is infinite and unquantifiable. So as a group, how can a solution be devised that addresses the multi-level situation while not blatantly ignoring the multiple outcomes available?
Coevolutionary gaming is a scenario-based activity that allows a group to explore all possibilities and the effects of each decision made. The term co-evolution is not a new idea. It stems from the ideology of evolutionary biology, which focuses on how species (defined as the predator and the prey) interact, adapt, and evolve based on their resources, their perceived threats, and their overall environments. The idea of coevolutionary gaming is to divide the group into two sides, the main side and the counter-side. The purpose of the main side is to identify the problems and act based upon their perceptions. The purpose of the counter-side is to counter-attack all actions of the opposing group and create real life conflict. This activity allows all parties involved to develop understanding of the tasks/goals at hand. It enhances critical thinking skills while giving real-life scenarios to prepare for.
Not only does coevolutionary gaming impact critical thinking and preparedness, but also strategically uses the Johari window to better group communication and dynamics. The Johari window is a model that describes the relationship between oneself and others. It uses four different aspects to determine these relationships which allows for the best decision to be made. The four aspects are arena, blind spot, f...

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... knowledge, that withholding of information not only hinders the group but stunts the goal.
For any group participating in coevolutionary gaming, there are three aspects that must be present in order to be successful. First, there must be a level of transparency. This aspect not only affects the communication of the group but also builds credibility and honesty which allows for cohesive decisions to be made. Second, there must be a level of flexibility. Flexibility within in a group allows different perspectives to be incorporated into a decision which overalls improves the quality of each decision made. Third, there must be a level of creative/critical thinking. Seeing as not every situation can be predicted or pre-determined, a group must be prepared to handle different things thrown in their path. Being prepared lessens the risks associated within decision made.

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