Muhammad Feared For The Safety Of The Muslims Essay

Muhammad Feared For The Safety Of The Muslims Essay

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Muhammad feared for the safety of the Muslims and knew the time had come for them to leave Mecca. Muhammad encouraged “83 men and their families” to migrate “to Axum in Abyssinia, four hundred miles away across the Red Sea” (Stewart, 55). Around half of the Muslims permanently stayed in Axum while about half eventually returned to Mecca (Stewart, 55). Records indicate that the religion of Islam spread with help of the 83 converts from Mecca to “another continent” (Stewart, 55). Muhammad did not embark on the pilgrimage with the Muslims and remained in Mecca.
The Koran begun long before Muhammad received his first message from Allah. The Koran houses the prophecies of the prophets who preceded Muhammad (Kadir, 12). “From the Quran, Muslims understand that the Religion of God is one which had been taught in stages and portions suited to the time and people of each of the eras of various chosen men” (Kadir, 11). According to Muhammad “the only miracle claimed was his receipt of the Koran” (Stewart, 60). In saying this Muhammad is referring to the “receipt” as the message from Allah allowing him to deliver the words to the Koran.
Several miracles which directly included Muhammad are recorded in the Koran. One of the most interesting is the Night Journey. The story of the Night Journey begins with Muhammad being awakened by the Angel Gabriel (Stewart, 61). Gabriel was not alone but in the company of a magnificent horse who had wings (Stewart, 61). Muhammad rode upon the horse to the “Temple of Jerusalem” (Stewart, 61). At the temple Muhammad was greeted by prophets who came before him “Abraham, Moses and Jesus” (Stewart, 61). Muhammad looked up to the sky and saw a ladder descending (Stewart, 61). Gabriel and Muhamma...

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...inated with the prophets who preceded Muhammad. It was in the ears and hearts of the prophets that Allah planted the foundation of Islam. Muslim history traces back a few million years ago in a place now known as the Middle East. Muhammad was the final prophet and messenger of Allah. If you think of Islam as a brick house it would be correct to say that Muhammad was the person who laid the final brick. Muhammad finalized the religion. The Muslim people will forever remember Muhammad and the first Muslims for their perseverance in establishing Islam. It is important for all people to realize the strong history which Islam is built on. Today Muslims around the world practice and observe the Five Pillars. The Five Pillars are significant to Islam because they help the Muslim people remember the origins on which this great religion was founded upon.

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