Essay on Muhammad And The Muslim World

Essay on Muhammad And The Muslim World

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In the Muslim world the prophet (pbuh) is given the highest status among all of humanity. One of the other names of the prophet is Al Mustafa (the chosen one). This name was bestowed upon him by god. In Muslim poetry, Prophet (pbuh) appears as the dawn that stands between the night of creaturely life and the day of divine light, it is through the Prophet that one can experience the Divine light. Without following the path that Muhammad (pbuh) brought forth you cannot reach God, this point is evident through the Muhammadan reality. He is also referred in the Quran as a mercy; “we have sent him as mercy to the world”. (Q 17:1) In Islam the Prophet Muhammad becomes the mercy to the world because mankind would know their Creator only through the Prophet. It is apparent from Islamic theology that Muhammad is the most perfect being in the world and the closest to God.
Muslims still believe that Mohammad (pbuh) is a is human and not immune to human error, however they believe that he is the most perfect if humans. Comparing Mohammad to other humans is like comparing ruby to stone. Mohammad be the most beloved prophet to god was given numerous miracles, to show he really loves him; a prevalent one is Isra wa-al-miraj. This essay will show the Islamic view on Muhammad’s (pbuh) rank above any creation as it was shown by miracles given to him such as Isra wa-al-miraj. The Essay will also discuss the medieval view on Mohammad (pbuh), and his portrayal as the anti-Christ due to the threat that Islam posed, had the church deemed Mohammad a true prophet.
The Islamic View
The purpose of Isra wa-al-miraj was meeting between the god and his most beloved prophet, and to elevate the rank of the beloved. “Glorified be the one who caused his...

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...laims, Islam is still depicted as much better and far superior than paganism.

The existence of Islam was a major threat to Christianity. Islam was founded on the biases that it was a continuation to Christianity and Judaism. Additionally Muhammad (pbuh) claimed that he was the final Prophet from god. Meaning that his massage would render whatever came before him useless. In essence if the Christian church accepted the legitimacy of Islam, Christianity itself would be deemed useless. In order to maintain legitimacy Christian scholars fought to delegitimize Islam. As the Islamic empire became less of a threat to the Christian world the depiction of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) became more positive. That’s not to say that it became completely positive. A major factor of the Christian world still views Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a negative connotation.

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