Muhammad: A Prophet and Statesman Essay example

Muhammad: A Prophet and Statesman Essay example

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Muhammad’s main role was that of a prophet. Discuss
On the surface Muhammad is usually considered to be a prophet and messenger of God, but when looking closer we can see that He played many more roles in His life time including one of a Statesman.
After ‘The Year of Sorrow’ in which both Muhammad’s uncle- Abu Talib and wife- Kadijah died Muhammad is warned by the angel Gabriel that the situation is getting too dangerous for him in Mecca. “Muhammad knew the faith must find expression in a community which would insure its external force and the opportunity to prevail against opposition” (Cragg). It is at this point that Muhammad is invited to become a leader in Medina (622ce).
At the time Medina’s population consisted of half Jews, a quarter Aws (Arab tribe) and a quarter Kharajites (another Arab tribe). The city was in disagreement as the two Arabic tribes were fighting so they all agreed that they needed someone to lead them. The Jews did not want a polytheistic leader and had heard of Muhammad’s teachings, they were all in agreement to invite Muhammad to their city. Muhammad accepts their offer as if He had stayed in Mecca him and His followers would have been tortured and killed for their beliefs and Muhammad needed to stay alive to spread the word of God. “The transition from Mecca to Medina marked a change in the role of Muhammad from Prophet to Ruler and from Warner to Warrior” (Cragg). This journey is called ‘The Hijrah’ which literally means ‘The Flight’ “the emigration marked a turning point in history”.
“Even before his prophethood, Muhammad was the judge and referee of the Quraysh at the time of their disputes and crises” for example in one instance a rock had fallen from the sky and the tribes of Mecca all bel...

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...s I believe that without his role as a statesman, a religious leader, a Warner and a warrior He would not have been recognised as the man or the prophet that He was. “He was a prodigy of extraordinary merits, a paragon of virtue and goodness, a symbol of truth” who shon in all areas of his life and duties. I conclude that Muhammad had many roles in his life and that his role of a Prophet which is what many believe He was sent from God to be was possibly his most influential role as the changes He has made have affected individuals and groups world wide. But we have to remember that God is all knowing and therefore knew that Muhammad would also be a “shrewd military strategist” etc proving that God chose him for more reasons than to merely be a Prophet. In conclusion I believe that Muhammad was more that just a Prophet, He was “an ideal religopolitical leader”.

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