Muckrakers: Exposing the Truth Essay

Muckrakers: Exposing the Truth Essay

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During the Progressive Era Theodore Roosevelt coined the term “muckraker” to characterize journalists that he believed overdid themselves when researching a story, comparing them to someone stirring up the mud at the bottom of a pond. However, while Roosevelt created the nickname, he also used the muckrakers’ influence to directly appeal to the American people. Journalists who are considered muckrakers do not go too far in the pursuit of their stories because they are using their positions to expose the ills of the government, big business, and society; it is beneficial to the American people.

There is nothing wrong with muckraking. In fact, it certainly is an honor to be considered “Queen of the Muckrakers” as Mitford was titled. Being a muckraker means nothing more than exposing truth. The Bill of Rights guarantees free speech to all Americans, and muckrakers are not abusing their power if they simply write what they know. While those opposed to muckraking might claim that journalists are not writing the truth, they are mistaken because muckraking is not the spreading of lies. Muckraking is exposing hidden truths, going to whatever means necessary to do so. Adversaries of muckraking may argue that the journalists spread false stories, but that is entirely not the case. Muckrakers write and expose what they know, because that is what journalism is. But those who are against muckrakers will read muckraking stories and consider them lies because the story contradicts something they already know. What these adversaries don’t understand is just as there are two sides to every coin, there are two sides to every story. This idea can be illustrated by a disease called Synesthesia. Those affected by it experience their surroundings i...

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...rice for who he really is. Do the residents of Dallas County want someone leading them who loses their temper and condemns citizens at the slightest of mistakes? Does the public want to give someone power who could abuse it and make unwise decision? Do Americans want to be represented by a man that cares more about his own pride than the people he serves? The muckrakers leave that up to the readers to decide. The muckrakers simply expose the truth, the ills of society; they inform the public of what they should know about the deceitful politicians and big businesses of society. They do not go too far.

It is an honor to be called a muckraker because it is an honor to serve society with stories of truth and serve justice to the evasive people of power. It is extremely important for the people of this nation to be informed, and the “muckrakers” make that happen.

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