Much Ado About Nothing, Pride And Prejudice And A Streetcar Named Desire

Much Ado About Nothing, Pride And Prejudice And A Streetcar Named Desire

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When discussing the notion that “Love can often lead to the creation of an ‘Outsider’." there are cases in our literary examples that would agree with the statement, and some that would not. Outsiders in Much Ado About Nothing, Pride and Prejudice and A Streetcar Named Desire are created by both love and other themes, whether it be class, power, disinterest or a scandal.
The above statement can be agreed with to some extent. This is predominantly present in A Streetcar Named Desire and Much Ado About Nothing. For one, at the beginning of A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche appears to be the peculiar woman who visits her sister in New Orleans, and although she displays her ‘over the top’ concern for her appearance, Blanche seems like an upper class girl staying at her sibling’s home for a short period of time. However, as the play progresses the audience witness the revelations of Blanche’s past come to light. The first hint of past predicaments comes at the conclusion of Scene one when Stanley asked Blanche:
“You were married once, weren’t you?” to which Blanche confirms in her reply, this leads Stanley to inquire as to what happened, Blanches reaction is as follows:
“The boy – the boy died. [She sinks back down.] I’m afraid I’m – going to be sick!”
[Her head falls on her arms.]
This severe reaction indicates to the reader and the audience that Blanche may be hiding a damaging past which has led her to commit some unsavoury acts. Later on, more detail of her past is revealed during a post date conversation with Mitch in Scene six; Blanche describes how she found her husband Allan with another person, what they did afterwards and what happened to Allan.
“…Allan! The Grey boy! He’d stuck a revolver into his mouth, and fired – so ...

... middle of paper ...

...elopement is what primarily makes her an Outsider, she is also an Outsider due to her age as her actions are presumed to be determined by her youth – the idea that she is not fully aware of her actions and the consequences that follow, and that she is not mentally equipped to make such a decision.
The theme of age as a form of conflict has already been addressed when referring to Blanche from A Streetcar Named Desire, however Blanche is not the only character whose concerned about her biological clock. Mitch - like Blanche – lost his love at a young age, however his mental health did not deteriorate, and he spent his time taking care of his mother, playing poker with friends, and working. Due to this, he is an Outsider within his group of friends as he is the only single member, and after his desertion of Blanche it is unlikely he will be ready to fall in love soon.

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