Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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Much Ado About Nothing is a film version of a play written by the famous William Shakespeare. A romantic comedy filled from beginning to end with witty banter, and romance. The film was one that was well cast, and well directed to make it even more successful. The genre of this specific film is a very obvious one which is made clear throughout the length of it. It is most definitely of the comedy type, which was Shakespeare’s purpose from the beginning. The comedy ranges from the amount of shared insults, to the large array of jokes made throughout. Due to the fact that the play is centered around love, you can’t deny the fact that it could also be considered a romantic comedy. There is a large amount of characters in this movie, I will explain some character development that occurred in some of the main ones. The main character’s I will be explaining can also be known as the Protagonist’s. One introduced in the beginning of the movie is Beatrice. She is a high strong woman, whom seems to have a vendetta against men. Through the length of the film, though she goes from hardened to a woman who can love. Then we will move to her love interest Benedick, whom starts off as the joker in the movie. Though he later becomes a loving man with a heart, and eyes for his lady Beatrice. Next, we can move onto Claudio a soldier who upon, returning home falls quickly in love with Hero. He goes through an emotional roller coaster as he thinks he has been betrayed by his love. Hero is the young daughter of Leonato, who is also the cousin of Beatrice. She is the love interest of Claudio, who throughout the movie overcomes issues that she faces, and then still is happily married. Another notable character would be Don Pedro a nobleman from Arag... ... middle of paper ... ...see Benedick, and Beatrice agree that they should be married as well. The film is a movie filled with a great storyline, also with many technical aspects. There were many camera techniques used throughout the whole film. Which you see utilized in many of the scenes, especially with help from the beautiful natural lighting of the venue. Some of the scenes are shot using deep focus, as well as using the long shot. The Audio techniques were also great throughout the film. All parts of the movies audio level go along well with the scene that is being portrayed at the time. To conclude, Shakespeare was an amazing writer whose work lives on even in our day. Much Ado About Nothing is a perfect example of his work continuing to fill people’s lives with joy. I know I had many great laughs throughout this comedy, and I am sure this would be true for other viewer’s as well.
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