Essay on Mt Sinai Medical Center ( Msmc )

Essay on Mt Sinai Medical Center ( Msmc )

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Case Study I
Prior to implementation of Epic, Mt Sinai Medical Center (MSMC) was using a paper based system which caused difficulties for the staff and caused discontinuity in care. Pertinent Information was often unavailable to the staff and caused discontinuity of care. Furthermore, the integrity of the records was often questioned due to the lack of information available to the providers.
Implementing Epic improved continuity of care such as providers were able to see the updated and current medications, diagnosis and receive updates on patient. Furthermore, the implementation of electronic health record system(EHR) improved data collection and provided a metric to measure quality of care provided to patients. Epic provided a single EHR platform across the health system which provides a seamless transition for patients from inpatient to ambulatory care and clinical research center. This further reduced error in care delivery and provided interoperability within health system.
EHR improved patient care delivery and time management through various actions. The inclusion of several alerts such as the sepsis alert, vaccination alert, medication recommendation improved safety standards and helped the hospital improve its compliance with measures and national standards. For instance, EHR proved to be helpful in alerting staff for possible sepsis in newly admitted and admitted patients in the hospital. The sepsis screening algorithm alerts staff and starts to monitor vital signs closely and fires prompt if vital signs continue to abnormal.
Vaccination compliance helps staff and patient stay up to date with vaccination administration in inpatient and outpatient settings which reduced double vaccination between providers. Through the ...

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Addressing the issue of fragment health network was one of the main reasons MSMC decide to implement EHR. As the case study states, implementation of EHR throughout the healthcare network improved quality of care provided to patients. The integrity of the records was often questioned due to lack of information however EHR improves continuity of care from the ED to inpatient to ambulatory. Furthermore, if the patient was admitted from the ambulatory center, the provider had information available regarding the diseases and treatment patient was receiving at the clinic.
The total savings from the implementation of the EHR is not fully captured. MSMC received $8 million for meeting the stage 1 criteria for meaningful use. The program had a budget of $127.5 million however the overall expense was around $142.4 million. It is expected to receive $32.8 million

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