Mrs. Park - Original Writing Essay examples

Mrs. Park - Original Writing Essay examples

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The neighborhood was full of busy people that would casually say “hello” and “goodbye”. Peter lived a few blocks away from where Mrs. Park passed away. I remember her as being a quiet person who kept to herself also, she was very passionate and caring about her family.

He started delivering newspapers at the age of twelve. He frequently stops at her house because he needs to rest, beside he couldn’t resist her hot chocolate with whipped cream and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. In addition to that she told stories about her life with Jane, and she had beautiful pictures of her daughter and Lucy.

Mrs. Park’s parents died in a car accident while she was in her last year of college. When her husband died after five years of marriage, she couldn’t give her heart to anyone else however she had a daughter to raises. This house, she grew up in and later raised her family in. Mrs. Park and Jane were realtors until her daughter married and moved away to start a furniture store with Bill. She wasn’t disappointed that her daughter was too busy to come visit because she received a call or a letter from her daughter every week. But she did confess once that she would give up everything if her family would only move back with her.

Mrs. Park was the type of woman who appreciated the old ways. No smoking, no heavy drinking, no gambling, and no swearing were grandma’s rules in addition to that you always take off your hat and shoes before entering the house. She went to church every Sunday where she made quilts for the homeless. She wore her hair in a bun, also she felt comfortable in beautiful, long dresses. "No way" would she ever wear pants, furthermore she would never transform to the modern ways to nmodtoi just because everybo...

... middle of paper ... the house. “What’s going to happen next?” I saw a plate of cookies coming my way. I was scared but I couldn’t move. She started talking to me as if she was still there. She said “Will you help me to get my family back?” I said “Sure”. I was running around house getting everything ready for grandma’s special surprises. After I was finished, I went to sit on the step of the porch while I waited for Lucy.

Jane’s car pulled up. Bill was the first one out of the car. He walked right passed me, and he stomped up the steps to the front door as if he was the boss. He grabbed the doorknob and tired to open it but it wouldn’t budge. Then grandma said “Are you done huffing and puffing and stomping around? When you calm down you can come into the house.” He took a deep breath and he gently turned the doorknob. In front of his face was a charming home lit with candles.

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