Essay on Mrs. Nichole Allen’s Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

Essay on Mrs. Nichole Allen’s Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Over All Conclusion
By working smartly to include the comprehensive technology plan into my yearly classroom plan of action, I will increase my effectiveness as an educator to be able to reach and teach every child that becomes a student of mine. The results that I will achieve from using technology will be that my students will successfully learn everything they need to know in order to be able to pass onto the next grade level.
As an educator, technology has become a very important tool that I have come to rely often on. I did not consider it to be important enough to include into my original missions statement but now that I have efficiently researched a load of information about technology in the classroom, I understand more than ever how important it is to include it into my missions and vision statements. I believe that students too must make a missions and vision statement to go along with their commitment contracts as well to emphasize the important role that technology will have in their life during the next school year. The more educators and students know about technology, the better their chances will become to successfully reach their goals in their respective areas of teaching and learning experiences.
As an educator, the comprehensive classroom technology plan has provided an abundant wealth of communication avenues. I can utilize technology to keep my students on track and parents up to date in real time. It is important to maintain positive relationships between educators and students so that the student will choose to be a more productive pupil for the educator. It is also important that the parents or guardians of that student be involved in that process to continue to see po...

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