Mrs. Everett 's Honors Algebra II Class Essay

Mrs. Everett 's Honors Algebra II Class Essay

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These observations took place in Mrs. Everett’s Honors Algebra II class, Mr. Beck’s applied statistics class, and Mrs. Hinkle’s physical science class. Each teacher used the standards in their class. I will explain what each teacher used and how it affected their classroom.
I will start out with Mrs. Everett’s class. At the beginning of the period, her students had to get out their homework so Mrs. Everett could check to see if it was done. She explained to us that she does not check for accuracy but for completion. Mrs. Everett just wants to see if the students are trying and that is how they earn credit. To start off class she went over the homework problems. Mrs. Everett is using the Ohio Standards for Teaching Profession (OSTP) standard 3: Assessment. “Teachers understand and use varied assessments to inform instruction, evaluate and ensure student learning” (ODE, 2016). She is using homework to assess her student’s knowledge. While Mrs. Everett was doing her lesson she did not refer to any books or notes for help. It was clear to see that she understood the material that she was teaching. She had to refer back to earlier lessons that she taught to explain this new one. Mrs. Everett was using InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards, Content Knowledge Standard 4(d). This standard states, “The teacher stimulates learner reflection on prior content knowledge, links new concepts to familiar concepts, and makes connections to learner’s experiences” (Council of Chief, 2016).
The next class I visited was Mr. Beck’s applied statistics class. At the beginning of the class Mr. Beck was reviewing homework on his Smartboard and then it stopped working. He was trying to apply the InTASC standard Assessment 6(i), “The teacher continually se...

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.... This explains, “The teachers knows how to integrate culturally relevant content to build on learners’ background knowledge (Council of Chief, 2016). She wanted to make sure that her students are up to date with the latest political news so that they can form opinions themselves. There was a student off in the corner working with an aide. That aide was giving the students differentiated instruction. They were still relating his lesson to the one Mrs. Taschner was teaching, but going at a slower pace. Mrs. Taschner was giving differentiated instruction which relates to OSTP standard 4: Instruction. It explains, “Teachers differentiate instruction to support the learning needs of all students, including students identified as gifted, students with disabilities, and at-risk students” (ODE, 2016). She is doing great job in giving her students what they need to succeed.

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