Essay on Mr. X 's Experience With The Health Professionals

Essay on Mr. X 's Experience With The Health Professionals

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Encounters with the Health Professionals
Another area of discussion that was prominent during the interview was Mr X’s experience with the health professionals. On several occasions Mr X described the positive encounters that he has had with doctors and nurses. For example, during Mr X’s diagnosis of hepatitis C the doctor gave him false hope by saying he “would see kids grow up because by the time hep C becomes a problem there would be a cure”, which is what Mr X needed and is why he has “always been optimistic”. Furthermore, when I questioned Mr X about whether he lost faith in the doctors after undergoing several different treatments with no positive outcome, he replied “still have a good trust with the health profession and in fact it has reinforced as they have always been open”. This is surprising as participants in the study by Bathe et al. (2013) who were diagnosed with a dermatological condition, lost faith in health professionals when they found themselves undergoing different treatments just like a guinea pig similar to Mr X’s situation. Patients do not always perceive health professionals as incompetent when their illness is not resolved because they value the thoughtfulness, empathetic, and recognition behaviour of doctors regardless of the treatment outcome (Jacobson, 2009 cited in Bath et al., 2013).

Therefore, the doctor patient relationship has a vital role in establishing the trust between doctors and patients (Roberts, 2004). There is a strong association between the quality of the relationship and the satisfaction of patients (Freeman and Hjortdahl, 1997 cited in Roberts, 2004). For instance, Mr X described the positive relationship he had with his doctor as he was “able to talk to him as an equal, which was ...

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...nstances where myself and my peer were writing at the same time while Mr X was talking, which might have been uncomfortable for him. Thus, another improvement to be made is alternating the role as a scribe. This is to ensure that at least one person is making eye contact with Mr X to distract his attention away from the writing.

Individuals living with a chronic illness, like Mr X, undergo changes in their life as a result of the disruption that occurs. The disruption occurs at various levels and will impact on the different aspects of the patient’s life such as their ability to work and social interactions. However, not only is the patient effected by the illness but the well being and mental health of family members are also affected. Nevertheless, health professionals and members of the family have a vital role in assisting or caring for the patient.

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