Essay Mr. Mcgee 's Class

Essay Mr. Mcgee 's Class

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On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like your English class? If your answer is lower than a number five, there is a way to fix that. Take Mr. McGee’s senior honors class! What, you have never heard of him? He is a high class man, a man that could never be stopped by anyone. It’s strange that you have never heard of him. Mr. McGee himself is an interesting topic to discuss, but that isn’t what we want to about. We want to talk about his amazing class. In fact, that is all we will be talking about, because their is nothing greater. All should prioritize in this class, focusing on nothing else. But don’t worry, you will still have a life outside of school if you take the class. The greatest things about Mr. McGee’s class is the unlimited homework, the detailed essays, and the amazing college class that comes with it.
Let’s begin in Mr. McGee’s room 303 by looking through that massive stack of homework. Don’t become attached to it by calling it Mt. Fuji, or other cute nicknames. You have to do all that work it of about 24 weeks. You might have even less time if you are in any extracurricular activities. Don’t fret, you will have the time to do all of that homework. You are only just taking the one class, so it’s not like it’s a big deal. All those annotations that you have to do, don’t get stressed out, they’re a breeze. You have the entire day to do it without any distractions. And let’s be honest, it’s not like you had a life to begin with, but maybe with all of this homework you’ll have the time to make friends. Go out and play some sports. You are capable of reading, writing, and dribbling a ball at the same time, right? No problem, teaching you how will be an easy task, just like the entire class.
The next thing that shou...

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... It brings me such joy, and confusion, why something so awful could produce something so heavenly.
In conclusion, Mr. McGee has a wonderful class full of the amazing college work, the detailed essays, and the important homework. Who could go wrong with the plentiful amount of homework that we are giving. My life has gone nowhere but up ever since I started my first annotation. Don’t forget about those essays, they are the best part of the class. You never miss them because you always have a new one every week. How thoughtful of Mr. McGee. We should never forget our purpose, the college class. It’s nice to have a thing on the side, as long as it keeps supplying the external validations. Obviously, Mr. McGee’s class is a stress free environment where you can keep your 4.0 grade point average, and never have to retake high school or the first year of college ever again.

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