Mr. Martinez : An Active Duty Major Essay

Mr. Martinez : An Active Duty Major Essay

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Mr. Martinez states that his last career was with the Army, October 2009 to October 2012, as an active duty Major. He states that he was a Latin American Foreign Area Officer, “I was a concierge for Latin American countries. When Armies of Latina America needed assistance, I would work as the concierge to take care of the logistics to complete the job”. He states that he left the Army because, “I maxed out my time. I had been in the Army as long as I could be in as my rank. I could only do three years of continuous duty”.

Monroe Police Department, January 1989 to August 2009. He states that he retired as a Sargent in the police department. Mr. Martinez states that the most remarkable incidents he was involved in as a police officer were responding to a vehicle collision on HWY 2 that had 4 fatalities, and an officer involved shooting that ended in one death. “I don’t think I experienced any Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) from it, it was a part of my job”. The officer involved shooting, according to Mr. Martinez was, “a SWAT Team killing an unarmed black guy”. Mr. Martinez states that this killing left a lasting impression on him, “It reminded me just how serious this job is”. Mr. Martinez states, “I was good at what I did (police work) and I got addicted to the success I was experiencing”. Mr. Martinez states that being successful in his career helped him work through most emotional challenges at work and avoid and ignore challenges in his personal relationships. When he would have challenges with his spouse, he would seek out others in the community that were more than ready to validate his importance because he was an officer of the law, and the equity in the relationships he built over the years of his service in ...

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... as their ability to self-regulate their sexual and emotional behavior and their attitudes about sexual behavior with children.


The following protective factors warrant consideration in this case:

-Mr. Martinez is 61 years old. Research (Hanson, 2011) shows that sexual recidivism is more likely in an offender’s early adult years than in an offender’s later adult years.

-Ever lived with an intimate partner for at least 2 years? Mr. Martinez has been married twice in his life and both marriages lasted for more than 2 years. Research suggests that having a prolonged intimate connection to someone may be a protective factor against sexual re-offending. See Hanson and Bussière (1998), Table 1 – Items “Single (never married) and Married (currently)”. On the whole, we know that the relative risk to sexually re- offend is lower in men who have

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