Mr. Bailey Is The Father Of One Of The Students, Safety That Must Be Addressed

Mr. Bailey Is The Father Of One Of The Students, Safety That Must Be Addressed

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The facts presented by the Larry Bailey dilemma are concerning, as there are risks to teacher, and student, safety that must be addressed. Mr. Bailey is the father of one of the students in Alicia Breen 's third grade class. It is not clear from the scenario, the state of Mr. Bailey 's marital status, however, he was calling Miss Breen at home, in the evening, to discuss "matters of a personal nature, which have nothing to do with his daughter 's progress at school." (Schuttloffel, 2003, p. 24) Understandably upset, Ms. Breen reported this behavior to her principal, and supportively, Annie reassures the teacher that she will handle Mr. Bailey. In fact, Annie calls Mr. Bailey at his workplace, only to be told he is not available. While Annie leaves a message, the scenario does not provide information as to whether or not the two ever spoke.
In addition to reassuring Miss Breen, and attempting to talk with Mr. Bailey, Annie suggests to her anxious teacher that she needs to change her phone number and keep the new number private. Annie is very cognizant of the inherent dangers posed to Alicia by the unwanted interest of Mr. Bailey, and she recognizes her commitment to uphold Gospel values. (Schuttloffel, p. 79) This means that Annie will exhibit the values of fortitude and courage as she intervenes in this scenario, guided by the best interests of the teacher, the children, and the school community.
Annie used the mixed-scanning framework (Hoy & Tartar, 1995, cited in Schuttloffel, p. 79) to evaluate solutions to Alicia Breen 's difficult situation with Larry Bailey. In using this method, Annie envisions potential actions on her part, and the outcome of each of these courses of action. What is most important to Annie in her decisi...

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...nd Ms. Breen. Additionally, I would monitor email and in-person contact between the two, while on school grounds. Ensuring Ms. Breen 's safety while at school is important, and this includes making sure she is not alone in the building at any time, and has an escort to her car, particularly if she is working late or arriving early, and the area is somewhat deserted. At home, I would encourage Ms. Breen to be aware of her surroundings and mindful of her safety.
Also of consequence, there are children in this scenario, who have to be considered. It might be advisable to move the student to another third grade classroom, if possible, so that Mr. Bailey no longer has any reason to contact the teacher. However, a move like that could be deleterious to the students, and therefore not advisable.
This is a complex problem, and should be handled quickly and with sensitivity

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