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Essay on Mr. And Mrs. Bennet

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Since the beginning of time, marriage exists as a large part of life. The values of marriage change on a year to year basis and as trends continue to change so will marriage. There have been numerous reasons for marriage throughout time such as arranged, wealth, love or many others. In the 18th century, many marriages were based on one’s class and wealth and not true love. Today, many marriages do not take wealth or class into account they focus on that person’s inner self and love. Marriage exists as an overlying theme throughout Pride and Prejudice and every marriage appears for a different reason.
One marriage that emerges as a source of comedic relief throughout the novel is Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. The Bennets find a way to argue over everything and in most cases Mr. Bennet causes the argument just to spite Mrs. Bennet. Their arguments raise numerous questions behind the reasons of their marriage and although the novel never reveals the true meaning of the Bennet’s marriage, one can create their own assumptions. Many believe that Mr. and Mrs. Bennet fell in love very young and after many, many years of marriage, they fell out of love and are a pain in each other 's necks. Others believe that since Mrs. Bennet always tries to get her daughters to marry for money and social position instead of love that she had the same reasons for marrying Mr. Bennet. The novel never truly states why the Bennets married each other but most readers come up with their own, unique interpretation of the reasons for their marriage.
The marriage between Charlotte and Mr. Collins is the second marriage that appears to the readers in this novel. At first, Mr. Collins desires Elizabeth as his prospective wife but after Elizabeth rejects his proposal twic...

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...iscovered him as a kind and caring man. Numerous people, including Mrs. Bingley and Lady Catherine, tried to convince Elizabeth not to marry Darcy but her opinions had changed and her feelings for Darcy began to emerge. Darcy popped the question once again to Elizabeth and this time she happily accepted. True love reigns through their marriage and they in no way married for money or class, they married for love.
Marriages existed as a motif throughout this novel and the reasoning for each marriage was completely different. A plethora of marriages emerged throughout this novel and a few of them came as a huge shock such as, Elizabeth and Darcy and Lydia and Wickham. Some of the marriages occurred based solely on class, money, or comfort but a couple of marriages came from true love. Every marriage has their differences but all marriages should make the spouses happy.

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