Essay on Mozart Should Go About Creating A Good

Essay on Mozart Should Go About Creating A Good

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Mozart should go about creating a good “buy-in” regarding the CARE intuitive by explaining to the new executives in detail his significant accomplishments and how the community in Sibyane will gain and continue to gain from these changes. No one will except the buy in unless they fully understand what Mozart is and planning or the benefits from these changes.
It is critical to show the importance of change when bringing in new employees because new employees starting in a company can quickly fall into the old habits. Also, this will give the new and old employees a better chance at excelling in the enterprise.

2. Some of the leadership advantages/disadvantages for rebuilding the “near-mine” communities in Sibanye are because most of the big businesses in South Africa are downsizing and leaving the area so this will be an excellent opportunity for Sibanye to become the leaders in this industry. Also another advantage to this will be by giving miners a chance to own home at a cheaper cost and in poverty stricken area like South Africa. And will make commuting easier for the miners to and from work. The disadvantages are some people in the community will not understand the benefits that will take place from rebuilding in this area. Also, if these changes do not work then inflation rates and consumer prices in this will rise at an even higher rate.
I do not believe the Near Mine Communities will work in America because building so close to rural areas will create significant concerns. For instance, drinking water could become polluted, contamination in the air and diesel pollution could become a major problem.

3. Three of the major obstacles Sibanye encountered is;
1. The culture difference between one another, and the lack of u...

... middle of paper ...

...e. These changes will be a challenge unless Kumar explains to all the employees why and how these changes are going to affect them.
3. In the end, I would have done what Kumar did in regards to implementing Ryan. Because by the time things got that heated there was no time to repair relations with Chang, because the auditors needed the signatures.
What I would have done differently than Kumar is I would have tried to involve Chan in decision-making more and made sure he understood the reasons for the companies change. Also, Kumar should have explained the positive outcome that will happen by implementing these changes.
Chan could have done a lot different for instance he should have told them the real reason on why the audits are wrong and couldn’t sign the papers. He also should have asked Kumar to explain in detail the new position that Steelworks was offering him

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