Moving the Gwinnett Jets Forward Essay

Moving the Gwinnett Jets Forward Essay

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There have been many talks about the family and the Jets organization where I am surprised at some of the comments that were made; I guess that is fine with me however I have restrained the family from responding these conjectures. This response is not meant to defend ourselves but simple to express my thoughts.

It’s a great county that we live in, which still allows everyone to have personal expression. With such freedom comes responsibility, of truth, compassion and growth. The law does not restrict us from expressing ourselves no matter if you are a parole, a saint, college drop-outs or PhD or even if your purpose is solely to discourage and not encourage someone else.

I am proud of my family, they have done their best to give the community with the best team that they could put together. It was also our hopes that those among us understood our purpose (omit) to give second chances to athletes, to showcase their talents, give another mean for them to reach out for their own success.

We’ve made no claims to be rich men having all the answers; simply we use on a budget as ...

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