Essay about Moving From City Within One Country

Essay about Moving From City Within One Country

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Moving from city to city within one country does not seem as bad when comparing leaving one country for another. A person becomes isolated, frightened, and alert when pulled from his or her comfort zone. Leaving home for another distant place in hopes for a wealthier life can be the hardest decision a person has to make. A person loses touch with family and misses out on lots of holiday gatherings. Immigrants tend to be positioned in a very grey area of the world; they accept some aspects of their new culture, but also let go of some aspects of their original culture; eventually as new generations from the immigrant family are born they take the new culture as their original culture and let go of their immigrant ancestor’s traditional roots.
The comfort level that the accordion maker and his son Silvano experienced in Sicily versus in New Orleans was a different as winter and summer. Sicily was their home. The faces on the sidewalks were familiar and the words spoken with rhythm. They could hold a conversation without throwing their eye to the sky and taking a pause to think of the next word they would use in their sentence. The accordion maker in Sicily was viewed as an eye catcher by the ladies. He was a hairy and muscular Sicilian man whose wife would accuse him of affairs (Proulx 18). As Proulx writes, “She knew it-his gift for music had attracted her powerfully, his silky pelt, the hair curling from the throat of his shirt” the readers start to understand the social level that the accordion maker has abstained in Sicily with his accordion (Proulx 18). He knew his playing field and felt like a celebrity amongst his community. The accordion maker did not feel threatened or that he was an outsider amongst the other Sic...

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...with the American. His father on the other hand was delusional and held onto false hope that everything was going to work out. Even while held captive in jail he had a different perspective than Silvano and other Italians about “La Merica.” The accordion maker says, “This is the land of justice. They will soon realize their mistake and release us” (Proulx 40). The enraged mob outside composed of white American men would not let this happen of course. Silvano lives and moves on with his life. He changes his name to “Bob Joe” to full take on the image of an American and forget his Sicilian roots (Reisman, Rosemary M. Canfield). This is a great representation of younger generations of immigrants living in the United States who do conform to American ways more so than their parents, and who sometimes as they grow older get rid of their deeper roots completely.

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