Moving from a Math Class Taught in Classroom to a Math Class Taught Online

Moving from a Math Class Taught in Classroom to a Math Class Taught Online

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My Math Experience
My first semester in college didn’t go so great that’s because I had problems with my math class. For me math was always a big problem I had to deal with. It seems that I always had to study longer and harder than anyone else. So that’s why I made the decision to drop my math class last semester and take a virtual math instead this semester. Since I have had the opportunity to take a classroom based math and virtual math I’ve seen the differences in both courses.
Making the move from a classroom to a virtual class I have notice a change in teaching methods. In the math class taught by a professor I would have the liberty of having someone to sit down and explain the process to me rather than doing it all alone. Unlike virtual school I don’t have someone to help me every minute. I have to rely on myself and what problems are given to me. Last semester I would ask the professor for help on composite functions, but this semester I have to learn it on my own and look at videos online on how to do it. In the class room the professor would teach me using the white...

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