Moving Day : Humans Are Not Stoic Creatures Essay

Moving Day : Humans Are Not Stoic Creatures Essay

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Moving Day
Humans are not stoic creatures. Since the beginning of time nomadic cultures began the influence for the start of complex civilizations. To move is to simply live. Experiencing different environments and people, prompts the concept of evolution. Changing and bettering ourselves to accommodate for the opportunities that are presented. My family and I are an example of these concepts, moving to achieve a better life than the one that was handed to us. November 22nd, 2004, a day that is described as the step forward to another life.
It was loud. Hectic and urgent people moved so quickly like they were never going to get a chance to slow down and breathe. At this point, breathing was the only thing I was sure of. My mom held my hand as we reciprocated the actions of everybody else, but the grip was different, more vulnerable and scared. It has not been the easiest 10 hours of my life so far, I saw airplanes in cartoons flying imaginary creatures that had yellow and red bodies, but I never believed I would be that creature flying one. Walking through the airport and starring aimlessly at the signs above my head, the letters were like nothing I had seen before. Bright yellow colors, facing wrong directions and flipped upside down, who came up with that?
“Nastia, walk faster”, my mother says to me in my nickname. At least that’s still the same, along with the reserved and bossy tone.
We arrive at a gray revolving machine that has bags on them. Wondering where our bags were and realizing I hadn’t seen them in a while, a rushing panic sets in that all of my toys are lost, and there will truly be nothing left in this weird and confusing place. The last time I saw those bags they were in my home, sheltered away in a corne...

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... that buried my entire head. I was an example of what a child would look like if they had an overly cautious mother.
Two big, tall guys approached us, one significantly younger than the other, they seemed to know us since they started to hug my parents, and I went into my safe zone: grabbing onto my mom’s leg, hidden from the rest of the world. They didn’t try to talk to me, probably because they understood I was confused enough, and it was the best part of my day. We were packed into a huge red car, I’ve never seen anything like it, and there was so much space! Back home my family and I didn’t own a car, every distance that needed to be traveled was done so on foot, or by the local bus. Nothing was as extraordinary as this. I sat in the middle, fidgeting with my fingers for what seemed like hours. I never knew any such activity could be so entertaining and calming.

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