Movie Trailer By Michael J. Fox Essay

Movie Trailer By Michael J. Fox Essay

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In the year of 1985, a movie trailer had just come out about an average kid in high school. The apparent star of the trailer, Michael J. Fox, is a high schooler who was starting to go through an awkward phase of his life. The trailer shows examples of his awkwardness by showing clips of him getting knocked over in a basketball game, a pretty girl talking to him, which, result in him embarrassingly dropping his books at his locker, and him going through awkward physical changes such as body hair and voice changes. The trailer then goes to show that Michael J. Fox is not some average joe, but in fact a werewolf. The trailer shows this by showing a clip of Michael J. Fox changing into a werewolf for the first time in his life. After Michael J. Fox realized what is going on, he life seems get better from there. The trailer shows this by showing clips of Michael J. Fox surfing on top of a car, being the spotlight at the school’s prom, and dominating every opponent he plays in basketball. The goal of a trailer is to grab the viewer’s attention, and to persuade them to come watch the movie in a very short amount of time. The Teen Wolf movie trailers does an amazing job of grabbing the viewer’s attention by using comedy and fantasy, and making them want to go out and see the movie.
First, the trailer uses fantasy to engage the reader by making the reader think about how Michael J. Fox is experiencing this change to him, and how to learns to adapt to life since he has become a wolf among high schoolers. In the trailer, Michael J. Fox is in a scene where he is running into the bathroom. He looks into the mirror and sees his faces starting to change, then the very next second, we see that he is not a werewolf. In addition to him being a wer...

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... as Michael J. Fox dancing on top of a van while playing “Surfin’ USA.” Throughout watching the trailer for the first-time, I was in love with the comedy and fantasy the trailer was showing me. That is because the trailer was tailored to apply to a younger audience. Most adults today would not have found the movie trailer funny or fantastical. Most of the adults today, would actually would have found comedy in making fun the trailer. This is because humor changes with time. In today’s day, people might find it funny how older movies had bad sound effects, and visual effects. In 1985, the makeup, the special effects, and the sound effects all would have been top of the line. This would ensure that the comedy would have been used to its best of its ability, and the makeup would ensure that people would believe in the fantasy and want find out more about the teen wolf.

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